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This is a personalized wedding gift basket that either you fill or we work with your budget to fill for you. A great gift idea for an Anniversary as well, especially 5 year Anniversary which is a wood gift. The rustic wood crate will have the love is patient and kind quote on the side and each end will have a name and date. Please leave the name and date you would like painted onto the crate in the INFO section. These are rustic so there maybe wood flaws or imperfections but these are a beautiful gift to give. A different spin on a typical wood basket as it can be used in the home for years to come. 

If you decide to have us fill the basket with non parishable food items, toiletries, etc... then please contact me with the amount you would like to spend on the items and I will create a beautiful basket for you. If wanting us to fill then I will create a custom order for you to purchase. A photo will be sent to you once the basket is created. Reminder that purchasing the crate from this listing includes the quote, name and date of the crate empty for you to fill please contact if you require us to fill for you. Please allow 5-7 days for the crate to be painted then we will ship the item to you or to whom you would like to recieve it. I can attach a card or note with your message as well. Shipping could take 4-10 business days. (Monday - Friday) so you are best to order 3-4 weeks in advance to be sure it arrives.

Wood crate measures: 12" x 18"  9" depth


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